Discover what you can learn beyond the classroom.

Study abroad in Barcelona for U.S. university credit.

Open to all students from around the world.

ALBA Study Abroad in Barcelona is a small, personalized study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain, with over 25 years experience hosting students. Our on-site team have all studied abroad and lived in Barcelona for many years: we are here to help you maximize your experience abroad. From personalized academic offerings to cultural advisement and awesome housing, we’ll take care of you before, during, and after your time in the ALBA program. Here, you’ll find local expert professors who teach in English and think in Spanish. Explore the countryside with included excursions, and take in the unique tastes of Barcelona with local guides. There is a lot that you simply cannot get from a classroom (even though we have those, too!). Come find the amazing things you can learn from living and studying abroad in a multicultural Spanish, European city. Barcelona, Spain and Europe await!

Our Mission at ALBA

Help our students become “citizens of the world” by providing a unique life changing, fun-filled academic and cultural experience.

Why Barcelona?


  • Courses taught in English by local Barcelona university professors. Spanish classes are taught in Spanish

  • U.S. undergraduate transfer credit for all classes through Portland State University (Portland, Oregon)
  • Small cohort sizes: enrollment is limited to approximately 25 to 40 students per term
  • Classes held in the heart of Barcelona’s old-quarter, “Barrio Gótico”
  • International internship coordination and credit available

  • Study with students from diverse U.S. and international backgrounds
  • Personalized learning environment with 15 students or less in each class session
  • Many faculty-led field events and excursions in and outside of Barcelona
  • Dynamic, experiential learning emphasized in each class
  • Accredited and supported by Portland State University (Portland, Oregon) since 1988
  • Easy credit transfer to nearly all universities including all Western Undergraduate Exchange universities (
  • Experience the world! Develop your global fluency and international readiness and start building your international network for your future!


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“I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain through Alba in the spring of 2012, as a 21-year-old undergraduate student. During which time I took a Catalan Culture and Society course, advanced Spanish, and one of the most impactful and eye-opening courses in my entire undergraduate trajectory, Spanish Film and Literature, taught by renowned Spanish professor, Dr. Carles Murillo. In the spring of 2014 during my first year of graduate school at Portland State University I decided that ….”
Erasmo R., ALBA Spring '12 & Spring '14, Portland State University
“I was looking for a study abroad program that would allow me to explore and experience the best that Spanish culture has to offer, all at a reasonable price. ALBA gave me just that. Between the relaxed schedule of classes, and the highly knowledgeable coordinators, I had an outstanding experience in Barcelona! Moreover, the financial aid programs offered made ALBA accessible and a great value.”
Matt Dooney., ALBA Spring ‘11, Portland Sate University
“My experience in the ALBA program was amazing! I had an absolutely spectacular, unforgettable time. The classes were very interesting and the coordinators helped to give me a true study abroad experience. I highly recommend ALBA to anyone who is interested in studying in Barcelona.”
Julie S., ALBA Winter ‘11, Dartmouth College
“I attended ALBA as a junior at the University of Washington. After not knowing what I was getting myself into, studying abroad through ALBA turned out to be the best experience of my college career. I took four classes (22 general quarter credits!) – Catalan Culture, Spanish Art & Architecture, European Economics, and Spanish Language. The classes were straightforward and extremely rewarding if you put the effort into learning. ALBA emphasized cultural immersion by encouraging us to try new restaurants, attend language exchanges, meet new people, go to FC Barcelona games, and travel every weekend (no Friday classes!). The ALBA administration (Charles, Tracy, Danny) was amazingly helpful by finding me a private apartment three blocks from the beach, helping us to and from the airport, coordinating to make sure our credits transferred, etc. Overall, I give ALBA a 10/10 and only wish I could go back to school to attend ALBA over and over again!”
T. Kellogg., ALBA Spring '12, University of Washington
“I’m going to keep this short (maybe not) because I could write forever about how amazing Alba was as a program. When I was looking to study abroad a couple things were important to me: passionate teachers, full immersion, living situation, and a smaller program. All my criteria were far exceeded and Barcelona could not have been a cooler city”
A. Maddox., ALBA Spring '12, University of Washington
“Every element of ALBA was incredible! My apartment was centrally located, my classes were challenging and interesting, and the other students on the program were fun and great people! Barcelona is such an outstanding city to study in! I walked away feeling as though I got a terrific cultural experience, and had a wonderful time doing it!”
Alex Grant., ALBA Spring '11, University of Oregon