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The ALBA Facilities: Your School in the Heart of Barcelona

ALBA represents a home for students, professors & staff members. A place to learn from each other and share amazing experiences.

What’s it like?

In the past, most students have described our school facilities as “a nice place to hang out and study” and that’s exactly what we aim for it to be.

View from the ALBA School


The ALBA premises are located in a building in the very center of Barcelona: The Gothic Quarter. We are within walking distance of most of the city’s main attractions, and we overlook a major meeting point and city transportation hub: Plaça Catalunya.

You can find us at: Av. Portal de l’Angel 42, 4A. 08002 Barcelona

ALBA Facilities Blueprint


With 4,800 Sq Ft on two separate floors, we have plenty of room for each of our students, staff members, and professors to comfortably enjoy their time spent each day at ALBA.
Designed to have an even distribution between work and leisure, our school has classrooms , common areas , study areas , meeting rooms , offices , lavatories , and even a fully equipped kitchen .

ALBA Facilities Equipment


Our classrooms are all equipped with a whiteboard, projector (or TV Screen) and a computer. The study areas have three computers for students to use. And there are two printers that you can use at your discretion. We also have a piano, guitars, plenty of beanbags, and even a volleyball net and ball that you can take with you to the beach.

School Life

Often when students first arrive they are surprised about the school life we have going on here at ALBA. Being a small-group study abroad program really allows everyone to play a fundamental role in the environment here in our facilities.

What can I do there?

We like to think of our facilities as an extension of your home. This is why students have access to the school 24/7, so you can make the most of the space under the following principles:

Students Attending Class at ALBA


Take classes with your professors, study with your friends, brainstorm, and work on your projects and class assignments.

Student having fun a mixer


Share knowledge, experience, advice, tips, food with fellow students, professors and members of staff.

Student playing te piano


Play the piano, strum a guitar, get together for a movie night, cook with your friends, take a nap on the couch or participate in a mixer event.

Most importantly, we ask of our students to always act responsibly and take good care of the school while abiding by our code of conduct.

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School Outside the Premises: Barcelona

Although we have designed our facilities for our students’ comfort and enjoyment, we strongly believe that experience is the mother of all knowledge, and we can’t get much experience by simply attending class or staying indoors chilling on a beanbag.

Students and professor at Hospital Sant Pau Barcelona

Beyond Learning

Many of our classes take place on the streets of Barcelona, in museums, libraries and cultural centers, where we can see life for what it is, learning from history and culture first hand.

Many tickets to the main city attractions are included in our class enrollments.

Students making Barcelona their own

Like a local

It’s within our core values to give you opportunities to live life like a local, spending your time where Barcelonians would spend theirs. Not only does the city have an excellent network of public libraries to study, but the city is vibrant in traditions and culturally active year-round. Our staff members are always willing to point you in the right direction so you can make the most of your study abroad experience.

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