Become a Citizen of the World! Study Abroad in Barcelona

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Claire Ciabattari, Oregon State University

Student Testimony

“Studying abroad in Barcelona has genuinely been the best experience I have had in my life. […] My eyes have been opened to this huge world we live in. There are so many more people, languages, cultures, places, food, etc. that I never even thought to look for before this experience. Barcelona changed me for good!”

Claire Ciabattari, Oregon State University
Brendan Maloney-Dunn

Student Testimony

“Studying abroad this term in Barcelona has allowed me to learn so much in such a short time that it has amazed me. Barcelona is such a unique city in which there are opportunities available to grow as a student, but more so as an individual through the historically and culturally diverse background, the city comes with. The places and countries I have visited, friendships I have made, and memories that I will cherish have made this quarter one I will never forget.”

Brendan Dunn-Maloney, Oregon State University

Student Testimony

“ALBA curates an amazing experience for international students! From the classes to breathtaking excursions, ALBA gives you a real Catalonian experience shared with friends from far-away places. I fell in love with Barcelona and can’t wait to return.”

Mary Mitchell, University of Washington
Laura Beard, Oregon State University

Student Testimony

“I am so glad I chose to study abroad with Alba! I have grown so much during my 6 weeks here. From weekly excursions to cooking classes- Alba is truly focused on making sure each student has an immersive experience during their time here in Barcelona.”

Laura Beard, Oregon State University
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The ALBA Barcelona experience is one you don’t want to miss. Just minutes from the beach, in the old Roman City, and surrounded by some of Gaudi’s and other architects’ finest architecture, a new experience and opportunity awaits at every turn.

A small program, big learning opportunities

Areas of study ranging from art to business to sociology to political science to Spanish transfer directly back to US universities, allowing you to progress towards your degree in a brand-new country.

Exclusive cultural advantages

Explore on Friday ALBA-sponsored trips with fellow ALBA students to discover amazing nature with breath-taking views, explore old medieval villages, or swim and kayak in the beautiful waters of the Costa Brava.

Become a citizen of the world

Discover both a new culture with the people of Barcelona and build a brand new, tight community with the other ALBA students.

In close collaboration with outstanding institutions

Building partnerships that make your experience one of a kind.

In partnership and accredited by:Portland State University

Credits transfer directly from Portland State University.

(Available for all students)

In partnership with:Foster School of Business

Credits directly through the University of Washington

(Available for UW students)

In partnership with:Universitat Pompeu Fabra Logo

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

(Courses available for Summer Term 2019)

A member of:apune-logo


Asociación de Programas Universitarios Norteamericanos En España (Association of North American Universities in Spain)

Receiving students from all over the USA & Canada

To date, we have hosted students from the following universities:

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