ALBA, a Portland State University Accredited program

Students from all universities across the world are welcome to attend the ALBA Study Abroad Program. All our courses are fully accredited for U.S. undergraduate credit through Portland State University (Portland, Oregon).

Who benefits from this?

ALBA is not only a great option for students from affiliated institutions: PSU, UW, and SPU. But also for students from non-affiliated institutions seeking study abroad options outside of those typically offered by their home schools.

Every year, ALBA receives approximately 200 students from affiliated and non-affiliated universities across the USA. Their motivations for joining ALBA are multiple and very different. Some are interested in our cultural advantages, others are drawn by the academic offer, while quite a few are inclined to choose us because we stand for a quality experience, while remaining affordable and accessible. No matter their reasons for choosing us, ALBA’s partnership with PSU makes studying abroad in Barcelona possible and, most importantly, validly accredited by a U.S. higher education institution. This allows students to study abroad at ALBA, and shortly after the program has concluded, request a course credit transfer from Portland State University back to their home institutions.


Easy Enrollment

Effortless enrollment to Portland State University. Student are signed up by ALBA before the start of the term.


Health Insurance

Includes study abroad health insurance. Starting two days before orientation day and ending the Sunday after the last days of class.


Transferable credits

Take classes in Barcelona that count in the USA.

How does it work?*

Accreditation process
  1. ALBA will enroll students at PSU for the duration of the study abroad experience.
  2. Students will not be taking credit at their home schools. They must inform their institution that they will be taking a leave to study abroad in Barcelona with a Portland State University accredited program.
  3. State financial aid, or financial aid grants provided by the student’s home institution, are likely not to be applicable to this study abroad experience. Nevertheless, ALBA offers alternative financial solutions and payment plans specific to each case.
  4. We require all students to meet with their home school academic advisors and study the courses offered by ALBA and their equivalencies. It is fundamental that they choose courses at ALBA only once they have the approval of their advisors and know for certain that their course selection will be taken into account for academic credit when transferred back.
  5. The students attend ALBA Study Abroad Barcelona, gaining intercultural competence, and of course, having a great time while at it.
  6. Once the program has finished, ALBA will provide the students with instructions on how to enter their myPSU portal, so they can view their grades and request a grade transfer back to their home institution.

*This process does not apply to students already attending Portland State University, or UW students coming through the Foster Barcelona Program.

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