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Once Wasn’t Enough


A program with a structure that allowed her to make it her own it; a program that sounded like an adventure. Once she was here she fell in love with the city and the program leading to her role as a student ambassador.

All About Barcelona!


Coming to Barcelona presents a wide variety of new and intriguing places and experiences to explore, whether it be shopping, eating, studying, relaxing, or sightseeing. These suggestions give you a [...]

A Year in Barcelona

2020-10-08T12:36:24+02:00Study Abroad Experience|

“The amount of growth and change that has occurred within my last nine months here has been unimaginable. I have met people from all over the world, traveled to more countries than I thought possible, began learning a new language and learned a whole lot about myself in the process. The world feels bigger than ever before, but I have never been more excited to continue exploring it.”

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