Cultural Advantages

As you may already know, studying abroad with ALBA comes with certain Cultural Advantages. Friday excursions, cooking classes, staff led outings these are only a small portion of what makes the ALBA Experience a special one.

Homestay: Your Family Abroad

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Want to improve your Spanish? Live like a local? Have someone to show you the ropes and the hidden gems around the city? Living with a host family will give you all these opportunities and more! My name is Lexy and I chose to live with a host family during my time as a student at ALBA Study Abroad Barcelona for Fall quarter of 2021. Here is an insight to my experience and some advice I have for choosing the Family Homestay Option during your time here in Barcelona.

Costa Brava Spain’s Hidden Gem


When we first arrived in Costa Brava early on a sunny Friday, I was in awe that a beautiful oasis existed so close to the busy chaos that is the city of Barcelona. As a result, it only took me a couple of minutes after setting foot out of the ALBA van to truly appreciate the serenity and peace that can really only be found in nature.

Cadaqués Getaway


Before coming to Barcelona I discovered this beautiful little town on Instagram. I was captivated by the pictures of blue Mediterranean water next to the white buildings on the [...]

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