Before coming to Barcelona I discovered this beautiful little town on Instagram. I was captivated by the pictures of blue Mediterranean water next to the white buildings on the coast. I knew I had to go!

  • Cadaqués through a window
  • Students hiking around Cadaqués
  • Dalí Museum in Figueres

Cadaqués is a hidden little village alongside the Mediterranean sea. It is an easy and very recommendable trip from Barcelona.

Once I was in Barcelona I quickly realized finding a room to stay on the weekend in Cadaqués during the peak summer season last minute might be impossible. But I knew I had to see this place. I decided to make it happen no matter what. To spend the day riding multiple trains and buses just to see it.

Last-minute my two friends and I decided to spend one whole Saturday traveling to Cadaqués and Figueres to see the city and the Dali museum. We booked our museum tickets and nothing else. We took the train to Figueres early in the morning and the bus to Cadaqués after that. We walked around the main town by the water and had lunch at a delicious pizza place.

We went to see Salvador Dali’s house in Port Ligot and his museum in Figueres. Both were amazing. His house allowed you to get a glimpse into the eccentric artist’s life. His accumulation of collected items seemingly random and his many stuffed animals including his pet geese. The museum in Figueres was like a maze, we wandered through it, up and down, and back up from room to room. It is the perfect home for his surrealist art.

After exploring his museum in Figueres we boarded a bus back to Cadaqués. The bus travels through wine and olive country. It crisscrosses through the hills before arriving in the beautiful town of Cadaqués. When we arrived the sun had just set and the town was lit up by lights against the night. The town was perfectly reflected on the calm Mediterranean waters. The locals and visitors were still mingling around the restaurants and a group of kids played soccer along the beach. We stopped for delicious gelato and headed to the beach to lie down and stargaze. After, we all jumped into the sea. The stars shined above and the water was just right, not too cold and not too warm, refreshing and relaxing. We were in awe; none of us could believe we ended up in this little Mediterranean gem.