Living in Barcelona

The housing situation in Europe is quite different than back in America. Which is a good thing, as it makes it possible for students to seize the opportunity to take a step outside their comfort zone, and into the local lifestyle.

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Housing Options

Each study abroad experience is different from the next, housing included. Before committing to the option that is most comfortable or similar to living back in the US, we request our students to ask themselves: In what ways do I want to integrate with the local community?

At ALBA, we provide our students with various housing options so they can make a choice that best fits their personal study abroad goals.

Independent Student

Independent Housing

For students that wish to be in control of every aspect of their housing situation and are up for the challenge of being independent and self-sufficient in a foreign country.

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Students having breakfast at their apartment

ALBA Shared Apartment

For students looking for an easy housing solution, where the details are arranged by ALBA, and want to share with other ALBA students.

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Find a family abroad

Family Homestay

For students wanting to connect with a local family environment, be a part of their local daily routines and experience a bit more local culture.

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Live with a local in Barcelona

Live with a Local

For students interested in living with a younger or older working professional and quickly integrating into the vibrant local lifestyle.

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Student Residence Hall

Student Residence Hall

For students in search of an international housing experience with students from all over the world. Student Halls offer beautifully designed rooms or apartments, and top service.

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