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Living in Barcelona

You will find that the housing situation in Europe is quite different than back in America. Which is a good thing, make it your task to seize the opportunity, take a step outside of your comfort zone and into the Spanish way of living.

Our goal is for you to find a true home immersed in the Barcelona lifestyle

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Student Residency

If you want your housing experience to remind you of college, this is your best choice. Live in a classic, well-furnished dorm room in the heart of Barcelona. Great option for privacy and being around other Spanish college students.

  • Make new friends from all over Europe and the World
  • Deluxe dorms with on-site facilities: pool, rec center, laundry, and relaxation areas
  • On-site amenities



regular term (approximate)

$1300 – $2000

summer term (approximate)

Shared apartment

Live with other ALBA students and share the experience of studying abroad in Barcelona in one of our well-located apartments.

  • Private room, shared bathroom
  • Apartments are nearby to the ALBA campus, near the beach and city center
  • You will have a private room and share common areas with one or two other ALBA students
  • All properties include: kitchens, bathroom, needed linens and free wi-fi
  • Choose who you live with–assuming you let us know in advance
  • No curfew



regular term 


summer term 

Family Homestay

Want a new home away from home? Experience what it’s really like to live with a Barcelona family? This incredible opportunity may be a little more expensive but will give you two meals a day and a nice home environment.

  • Full immersion language experience
  • Breakfast and dinner included
  • Host families knowledge about the city
  • Own bedroom, shared bathroom
  • No curfew and your own set of keys



regular term (approximate)


summer term (approximate)

“[…] something unique about my study abroad experience is that I chose to live in a homestay while here in Barcelona! I am not exaggerating when I say this was the best decision I made. I have become so close to the family and can’t even begin to think about how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to them when I leave this beautiful city.”

Charla Simon, Winter Term ’19 student

Live with a Local

Discover Barcelona together with meeting great people. Get to know what daily life is like for the average local and enjoy yourself at your own pace.

  • Improve your Spanish everyday
  • Local tips from someone familiar with Barcelona
  • Private room, shared bathroom



regular term (approximate)


summer term (approximate)

“Living with locals has been a great way to really get to know the culture of Barcelona. Speaking Spanish with my roommates has been a fantastic experience and great for learning not only the general grammar, but also some fun slang!”

“Connor Jones, Fall Term ’18 student

Important details

* IMPORTANT FOR ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DATES. Note that the normal arrival date is two days prior to orientation, with departure day being the Sunday after finals end. Housing is included for these dates. Longer stays may be arranged at additional cost, but require at least one month’s advance notice.

** ALBA reserves the right to levy any necessary surcharges on housing costs in the event that our own dollar costs increase by more than ten percent over the course of a term due to currency fluctuations. However, once the student has paid for housing any fluctuations are the responsibility of ALBA and the student will not be charged any additional costs. So it is advantageous to decide your accommodation choice early and get your housing fees paid even if your tuition payment is delayed for some reason.

*** ALBA reserves the right to confirm the apartment where the student will live, 30 days before arriving.