A Safer Space

Our study abroad program is strongly committed to promoting and defending the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are working actively to eliminate any trace of structural racism, abuse, inequity and discriminatory behavior from our organization, as we look forward with enthusiasm to becoming not only a meeting point for people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and lifestyles, but a beacon capable of inspiring a bright new future.

Diversity hands illustration
Diversity hands illustration

Principles for a Safe Space

We are very aware of the challenges present in both Spanish and American societies. With unacceptable practices that are deeply rooted within our personal behavior (subconscious or otherwise) and promoted through the systems in power, and by extension our educational systems, there is much work to be done by everyone. For this reason, here at ALBA, we have decided to start by laying out the foundation for improvement by carving our principles in stone:

Embrace Diversity


Diversity is directly related to success. In a rapidly changing world, the inclusion and celebration of each individual’s voice and experiences make us richer in character, and therefore better prepared to face adversity and find personal fulfillment and maturity. Each person’s gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religious beliefs, abilities, experiences, and even dietary choices, all matter and count, as each bring different perspectives and diversity to any given group (classroom, discussion, social setting, etc.).

Protect Diversity


ALBA is a safe space for belonging, communicating, sharing, and learning. Any form of discrimination or abuse of power detected on any level will not be tolerated. Whether perpetrated by a student, professor, staff, or administration, we will work hard to identify the existence of these practices and take necessary steps to remove them from our institution. We welcome students to bring to our attention any and all instances of perceived discrimination, harassment, or otherwise intolerable behavior. This feedback can be provided at any time, directly to any of our staff members, or anonymously through the report form below.

Consolidate Diversity


Making any human environment a safer space is an ongoing challenge. One that needs everyone’s help and cooperation. At ALBA we are committed to keeping an open heart, listening and learning, getting stronger day by day for a better future. As an educational institution, we must take a stance of actively informing and engaging the field of education abroad in a way that fosters inclusion, promotes equity and combats structural racism. We also have the obligation to provide our students with unbiased information, allowing them to form their own opinion, and find their own means to fight discrimination, inequity and exclusion.


Our Staff is strongly committed to implementing and improving our Safer Space principles. We invite all students to speak freely and communicate with us about any concern or issue that they may encounter before during and after their study abroad experience. A report can be made by speaking with a member of Staff (with whom you feel comfortable), or by using the form below to transmit your testimony. We promise you, our team is well-prepared and always ready to protect and support anyone that is in need of a safer space.


Do you wish to report an incident within ALBA? Do you feel that you’ve been subject to discrimination, inequity or abuse of power in any way, or have you witnessed this occurring to another student? If so, we encourage you to please speak up and make us aware of the situation. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so by leaving the name and email fields empty.

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