School Life

Our goal is for the ALBA school to be seen as a home. A wrinkle in space where students, professors & staff-members learn from each other and share amazing experiences together. Come and help us make this vision come true.

Once Wasn’t Enough


A program with a structure that allowed her to make it her own it; a program that sounded like an adventure. Once she was here she fell in love with the city and the program leading to her role as a student ambassador.

We have a NEW LOOK!

2019-05-09T09:55:59+02:00School Life|

It has taken us a while to make up our minds, but we finally have a winner and with that an entirely new brand identity for ALBA! We liked each individual alternative but were looking for the right identity to embody the spirit behind the ALBA Experience. It was a hard decision in which only the people of ALBA could help find the truth.

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