It’s in the Small Moments ~ My story about Barcelona

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Written by Adrianna Varela

Now that the program is almost over with one week left, I’ve been reflecting on the past month and a half. About how I’ve grown to really love Barcelona in this short time. I’ve realized it has been the small moments that I’ve loved the most. The simple things you find in Barcelona and the beautiful scenes you weren’t expecting to see. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Early on in the program I was walking through the neighborhood Gracia one weekend after spending hours doing homework at Onna Cafe and came across a plaza. A man was sitting on the ground outside a fruit store singing and playing guitar as I walked by. There was a quaint market in the plaza set up with local selling their handmade goods. The cafe patios in the plaza were full of locals having their coffee or tapas. The moment was charming and I realized then this place was special.

Walking through Parc de la Ciutadella with tacos in hand I was looking for a perfect spot for a picnic. The park was full of people relaxing on the grass and shade of the trees. Couples and friends filled the park spending their Sunday together In the group of friends next to us a man was teaching his friend a new dance. I was mesmerized by all the people.

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On a Friday excursion, we drove out of the city through the green countryside. Driving past small Spanish homes tucked away behind trees and grassy fields. All I could think about was how lucky I was to be experiencing this. The land was beautiful and it seemed unreal that I had the opportunity to see it.

One weekend my friends an I had decided to take the train down to a nearby beach town, Sitges. We had booked an Airbnb for the night last minute slightly out of the main town. Getting down there, the train ride was beautiful with ocean views most of the way. After we arrived in Sitges we had to take the bus and walk about 12 minutes to get to our Airbnb; it didn’t sound so bad. Soon after getting off the bus we realized Google Maps was routing us along a highway. We were directed to walk in the grassy ditch on the side of the highway or directly on the highway with cars rushing past. And while I was definitely cursing Google Maps I couldn’t help but at the image of three young tourists in sandals and sundresses and carrying bags walking along the highway. It really only made the weekend just more interesting.

Some other moments I’ve loved:

Wandering through the streets and finding fruit and vegetable stores every couple blocks.

Walking through the city with a destination in mind, but instead discovering new parks.

Stumbling across a neighborhood park on my walk home with a band playing music and children running around playing games.  

I hope everyone comes to Barcelona and gets the chance to experience all the little things that make me love this city.


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