Locate your Spanish Consulate

Visit the Official Spanish Foreign Affairs Website to locate the institution that is closest and most convenient for you.

Schedule an appointment

Once on your chosen consulate’s website, immediately request an appointment, as they do tend to get booked. It is important that the date selected is not before 90 days from the beginning of the program.

Study the requirements specific to your consulate

Each consulate has a specific list of documents as well as an application form that you must fill out and present on the day of your appointment. Study them carefully and work to gather them as soon as possible (ALBA will provide you some of the required documents).

Attend your appointment

Be there on time with all the necessary documents. Dress nicely to give a good impression. After your interview, you will be required to leave your passport at the consulate so they can apply the visa to your passport. You will be told at your appointment whether or not you will have to return to pick up your passport after the visa application is over.

Check your status

You will be given a link that you must check regularly to see the status of your visa application. It can take up to four weeks to receive news of their verdict.


Once you know the result of your application contact us.


The approximate cost of your visa application is $160. Although, there may be some other costs if you are required legal translations of your documents