“Fall is Here, Hear the Yell…”

The famous line from The White Stripes song ‘Fall is here, hear the yell’ makes the transition from summer to fall more fun. Whether you are living somewhere where the fall season is very warm or extremely rainy and windy, we can all appreciate the food and drinks that this season brings. Pumpkin spiced everything, chestnut puree, sweet potatoes fries…need I say anything more?

La Castanyada: It’s Chestnut Time!

In Catalonia there is a special festivity called La Castanyada which is celebrated on All Saints Day in order to commemorate those who are no longer with us. However, that is not all La Castanyada is famous for! During this festivity, Catalans celebrate with all the delicious seasonal food previously mentioned. In addition to chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, the Catalans added some more interesting foods and drinks to their repertoire, such as panellets, sweets that are usually eaten with moscatell, a sweet dessert wine.

What Are Panellets?

Panellets’ are sweets made from marzipan and are especially loved by the youngest members of the family. There are many versions of them: the most common are made with pine nuts, but you can find chocolate, coffee, and even coconut flavors. Be careful, they are very addictive!

What About Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Wine?

Sweet potatoes or boniatos are usually cut in half, then roasted or baked, and when done, they are eaten with a spoon just like you would eat soup. Of course, you might also find some amazing sweet potato fries to keep you warm and happy!

The flavor and texture of Catalan sweet wine (moscatell) because it fuses perfectly with the flavors of chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and the ‘panellets‘.

Celebrations of La Castanyadawill take place in many locations in Barcelona. It’s something you wouldn’t want to miss, so be sure to check it out and enjoy all the delightful and comforting food!