Bunkers de Can Baró

It’s already week two for ALBA study abroad students, but to most it feels like we’ve been in Barcelona much longer.  There is so much to do in this great city that we constantly find ourselves worried about not being able to get to everything on our extensive list of “Things To Do In Barcelona.”

About a week ago, a group of eight students decided to spend a beautiful day hiking up to Bunkers de Can Baró, the site of Spanish Civil War bunkers.  We heard about the hike through friends who had studied in Barcelona, through the myriad Instagram pictures floating around the web, as well as many posts on Trip Advisor.

Our group met in La Barceloneta, a neighborhood in the Ciutat Vella, (meaning Old City in Catalan), district of Barcelona.  This charming old neighborhood sits adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and was built in the 18th century for residents who were displaced by the construction of the Ciutadella of Barcelona.  

All eight students wandered to the Barceloneta metro station, just next to Parque de la Barceloneta. We crammed into a massively crowded L4 metro.  After laughing hysterically among the group about the tight quarters of the metro, we were let off at a stop just next to Parc de les Aigües.  From there we began the 45-minute ascent, which consisted of several flights of stairs, a few switchbacks, and the crossing of a bridge.   

Huffing and puffing, we finally made it to the top, where we were greeted by incredible panoramic views of Barcelona.  Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to see Barcelona, the surrounding sea, and mountains, which create a clear geological boundary of the city.  We found a prime spot to sit on large concrete platforms that overlooked amazing vistas and pondered, awestruck, the splendor of enticing Barcelona.

In keeping with the spirit of España, we opened a bottle of wine and noshed on wonderful Spanish cheese and crackers, while observing the view from the anti-aircraft bunkers, which were installed during the Spanish Civil War.  The bunkers, which are no longer under military use, are an ideal spot for students and tourists to sit and enjoy the 360-degree views over the city while jamming out to tunes and watching the sunset.


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